Data Entry on linkedIn

Well been a busy day the last few days,  been adding things to our web site and to our LinkedIn Profiles.   Doing lots for Data Entry so we are looking at Data Entry on linkedIn.

For Data Entry on linkedIn. Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture are very interested and a have been looking up old articles on the Data Entry Industry, which has been going for so many years.

There was an article back in the 1980’s from Mike Aldrich of ROCC computers about how difficult it was to give job titles to Data Entry People,  as there are just so many different positions that are just covered by the job title Data Entry People.

We are going to be looking into these subject more and will write more in the next few weeks.


Data Input Services is a new search

Yes today Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture have been some searching around trying to find what all of you out there would look for to find us here in the Data Entry world,   and we are trying Data Input Services.

Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture have had lots of discussions on their blog and are finding that even though at the moment they are not ultra informative they are helping the search engines and we are going up the rankings so can’t be bad.  So lets add Data input Services to see if it works.

Try searching for Data entry services or Data Capture services and we are now on the first page,   so when the world is ready for more Data Entry jobs , we will be there to do them.

We could do with knowing what you might search for if  you needed our services as we have a very unique service and most people would not have heard of what we do,   so if you read this can you please submit a contact page to me with what you searched for,   this would be a great help.

It used to be that if you said Data Capture or Data Entry most people would know what we did,  but now with all the technology and everyone enters things on their Ipad’s or tablets,   no one realises when there are large quantities of inputting to do,   then you have services like ours.

We gave such a vast amount of experience in the Data Entry world,  if you have any paper items that need to be added to a database,  or spreadsheet then get in touch,   whatever it is we can do it.

Looking forward to writing more in the next few days and weeks,  thank you.

Have a great remembrance day all,   LEST WE FORGET.

Data Entry & Data Capture troubles on site

Dataentry and Datacapture recaptcha

Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture has been having fun today with Recaptcha for the new contact page,  oh boy it don’t seem to work no matter what we do. So we have had to disable it for now. Dataentry and Datacapture recaptcha is no easy task.

Also all our contacts should be sent to but they keep going into the junk box even though we have added them to our priority list and nice emails,   but within minutes of adding they disappear from the list.  Better investigate this further.

To get our recaptcha working we have been into our google console set up all as it says, we have gone back to our web site and set up there as per instructions,  we have saved and tried to sent a contact page but an error keeps coming ups.

We have searched all errors on google to try and find answers,  but we have done all it says,  and the same happens over and over again,  this has taken up hours of work,   may be we can’t have a recaptcha.   Oh well if we can just get our emails/contacts not going into spam would a a help.

Now Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture has decided to stop for now as they are obvioulsy doing something wrong and need more expert help,  so they have put the question out there for them to answer.

end up in junk mail which is very strange as everytime I add my contact to my junk good list it disappears within minutes.   We have had to past this on to our techicial team.

Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture are off for a cup of tea while we resolve the issues.

Have a nice day all , and remember good data is vital.


Data Entry Service and Data Capture Service

Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture have been a bit quiet for a few weeks,  working on what to do next.   They are looking into our Data Entry Service and Data Capture Service as so much has changed due to the lockdown,  but we have always had a brilliant system of working from home so for us it is not so much of a change.

We are just having to get our message out there that we are the best Data Entry Service provider in the UK,  and if you want our Data Capture Services please use our contact page to get in touch.

We can provide a quote very quickly all you have to do is provide us with a PDF of the form you need data captured ,   and the quantity and likely time to complete the job,  and then a quote will come.

We are very very experienced in all types on data entry,  from Surveys for all types,  creating databases from mailings to members of the public,  vouchers collected when you have visitors.

Data has never been so important to find our what people want.


Big plans for Mr Data Entry

Big plans for Mr Data Entry had for making his data more interesting so he can have more information and job satisfaction and help the world. Yes big big plans for Mr Data Entry.

Mr Data Entry told Dr Data Capture that he had decided he was going to start to take his dogs for a walk every morning before work so he could make a new plan and get new ideas to improve his data and his day.

His dogs were very excited at this idea,  his dogs are called Amazon and Yahoo.

Every day on the walk they will be feeding Mr Data Entry’s pet fish called Google,  and Mr Data Entry feels sure that they will all give him plenty of ideas.

A day in the life of Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture

Dr Data Capture a likeable character
Dr Data Capture a likeable character
Mr Data Entry a fine character
Mr Data Entry a friend indeed

A day in the life of Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture.

Most days it is all about Data Quality , checking checking checking , everything is correct. But this is no easy task for Mr Data Entry as it can be laborious, time consuming and sometimes honestly quite boring.

So today Mr Data Entry asked Dr Data Capture,   how can I liven it up …….

Data Entry & Data capture Blog

Data Entry & Data Capture blog will be an ongoing saga all about Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture the new characters that will make you smile.

Oh yes I did say Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture, you will start to see what is going on in their lives as the stories unfold.

We also will see new characters appearing as we go along,  some of them spurious.


New website ready to release on you all !

Exciting news our new website is now ready to rock,  come on Google bot it !!   We need your support.  We need to be found when someone searches for New Web Site for data entry UK 1988 ltd goes live today .Data Entry or Data Capture as due to the COVID19 pandemic we have lost a lot of work.  This new website is us being reborn.

Yes we have our New Web Site for data entry UK 1988 ltd going live today.

Covid 19 Restrictions

Due to the restrictions being lifted we and our staff are all protected and covid safe.    We are ready to take on your work .