About Data Entry UK 1988 Ltd

Data Entry and Data Capture Quality is what we are all about.

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Established in 1963, we took over in 1988, Data Entry UK is the oldest data capture service bureau in the UK. We provide a Quality data entry service for all your data capture needs.

We are the best as we have the most collective experience in our company in the UK,   having retained most of our staff for over 30 years.

Over these years we have written lots of bespoke quality checking programmes to aid all of our data capture, and give you the best job ever.

To ensure quality work and competitive prices, all our services are undertaken in the UK. We are fast but not expensive, and give you assured quality and peace of mind. We supply a quality data entry service for all your data capture requirements.

Unrivalled Expertise

Our experience in this industry is second to none, and has resulted in our participation in some of the largest data capture projects in the UK:-

Thanks to our large scale project management experience, we were appointed by the registrars to undertake control and management of the vast data capture projects resulting from privatisation of the water, gas, BT and electricity utilities;
We consulted on the creation of Tesco’s Loyalty scheme, Sainsbury’s Loyalty scheme, Air Miles and Nectar loyalty points.
We have set up many more retain clients Loyalty schemes.  Produced many surveys for councils and blue chip companies,all over the UK and Europe.

Responding to Change

Aware of global trends, namely the increase in off-shore outsourcing and the internet activity, we changed the business to a completely home worker environment, and are proud to have had this resource since 1988.  We have security which is second to done.

With the full co-operation of our staff and clients we made the change and now operate with a unique company structure. The overheads savings have been passed directly to our clients.

We are founder members of the Data Entry Management Association (DEMA).

We have alway been top in our field,  data capture and data entry is our core business. Why get your own skilled staff to do your data capture when there are experts in data capture or data entry that can do it all for you.