Data Input Services is a new search

Yes today Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture have been some searching around trying to find what all of you out there would look for to find us here in the Data Entry world,   and we are trying Data Input Services.

Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture have had lots of discussions on their blog and are finding that even though at the moment they are not ultra informative they are helping the search engines and we are going up the rankings so can’t be bad.  So lets add Data input Services to see if it works.

Try searching for Data entry services or Data Capture services and we are now on the first page,   so when the world is ready for more Data Entry jobs , we will be there to do them.

We could do with knowing what you might search for if  you needed our services as we have a very unique service and most people would not have heard of what we do,   so if you read this can you please submit a contact page to me with what you searched for,   this would be a great help.

It used to be that if you said Data Capture or Data Entry most people would know what we did,  but now with all the technology and everyone enters things on their Ipad’s or tablets,   no one realises when there are large quantities of inputting to do,   then you have services like ours.

We gave such a vast amount of experience in the Data Entry world,  if you have any paper items that need to be added to a database,  or spreadsheet then get in touch,   whatever it is we can do it.

Looking forward to writing more in the next few days and weeks,  thank you.

Have a great remembrance day all,   LEST WE FORGET.

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