Data Entry & Data Capture troubles on site

Dataentry and Datacapture recaptcha

Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture has been having fun today with Recaptcha for the new contact page,  oh boy it don’t seem to work no matter what we do. So we have had to disable it for now. Dataentry and Datacapture recaptcha is no easy task.

Also all our contacts should be sent to but they keep going into the junk box even though we have added them to our priority list and nice emails,   but within minutes of adding they disappear from the list.  Better investigate this further.

To get our recaptcha working we have been into our google console set up all as it says, we have gone back to our web site and set up there as per instructions,  we have saved and tried to sent a contact page but an error keeps coming ups.

We have searched all errors on google to try and find answers,  but we have done all it says,  and the same happens over and over again,  this has taken up hours of work,   may be we can’t have a recaptcha.   Oh well if we can just get our emails/contacts not going into spam would a a help.

Now Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture has decided to stop for now as they are obvioulsy doing something wrong and need more expert help,  so they have put the question out there for them to answer.

end up in junk mail which is very strange as everytime I add my contact to my junk good list it disappears within minutes.   We have had to past this on to our techicial team.

Mr Data Entry and Dr Data Capture are off for a cup of tea while we resolve the issues.

Have a nice day all , and remember good data is vital.


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