Data Capture Services and Data Entry Services


Data Capture Services and Data Entry Services has to be a quality service.  Your Data is your asset let us look after it for you. If the integrity of the data capture used to construct your database is compromised then so is your reputation. It is of the utmost importance to gather all the information with the highest degree of accuracy and in a responsible manner.  That is why Data  is your asset, and why you need us to proform your data capture services and data entry services.

We have been in the data capture business since 1963, longer than any other bureau in the UK. Decades of experience have gone into creating the most accurate manual data capture system available. Data Capture and Data Entry is your asset and it is our core business so we will look after it for you, trust us with your asset. 

Data Capture System

Our ISO 9002 accredited data capture system provides:-

Beginning to end audit trail.
Capture using the Royal Mail Postal Address File (PAF).
Front end QC, tables of titles, names, product codes, source codes etc..
Tailored drop down tables to suit client’s unique requirements.
Batch logging control.
Quality management.
Validation and edit routines.
Field end, record end and batch balancing.
On-going data capture operator training and quality performance monitoring.

Data capture is our core business. Our capacity stands at over 20,000 name and addresses per 24 hours. We operate day, evening and weekends. All data capture is performed in Somerset, Bristol and the South West. We do not scan, OCR, or have your data keyed off-shore.

Project Information

To provide you with an accurate data capture quote, the following information is required:-

Number of documents, are they to be delivered in one hit or over a period of time?
A list of fields (the information) to be captured, and if verification is required.
Start date and required completion date, output format and specification.
An example of the document, plus a preferred file or a detailed brief on the information that is required to be captured.

Project Planning

Points to consider when planning your data capture project:-

The longer the turn around on the job, the better the price.
If we help in the document design, the data capture process will be cheaper and more accurate.
Value added services include free storage of documents following capture, secure destruction by a DOE certified collection and recycling company, and free document design advice.


We have our own Terms and Conditions, we have agreements for data protection with all our individual clients to suit their needs. We are fully compliant with Data Protection.
Data Protection number A8703864 GDPR/Data Protection Act 2018