Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Frequently asked questions and answers.

How quickly are you able to set up a job? Is the first of our frequently asked questions.
In most cases within 1-3 working days, but if complex this will be quoted once all details are supplied

How much will it cost?
We quote when we have a PDF of the documents, if this is not available we can only give a rough guide which will change on sight of the document.

What is PAF address generation?
As long as we have a post code, the Street level and town will be generated, but the house number and house name will be manually keyed. We can add post codes as a separate process if required, this is at an extra cost.

What is Key verification ?
If you require 100% accuracy we use key verification, where a second operator will start the batch again and key, as they key it will alert the operator if there is a difference, then give the operator a chance to check it and change it if necessary. This will always cost extra due to the time it takes to do this, if everything has to be key verified it can often be twice the keying price, but often some items can be left out and this will cut the cost.

What is double entry verification?
Double entry, means the operator that is keying the information will key the information again, while still on the record to check it and make sure it is correct, this is often a quite effective way to check things, and is a lot less cost than key verify. It is not as accurate as this is the same operator not a different one. This is often useful on the type of document that is difficult to handle like coupons. Or you just want say and unique number checked, we usually key this once at the start of the form then again at the end, to try and catch errors and make sure the operator does not just key the same again.

What capacity do you have and what turnaround can be achieved?
This is very difficult to say due to the nature of our work being so different, but we can usually handle 5,000 – 10,000 documents a day.20,000 names and addresses as an example per day.

Do you use home workers?
All our staff work from home, they are all our own employees. We supply all the equipment and all the security.

What experience do you have?
We have about 40 years’ experience setting up data capture projects, and most of our staff have been keying for us for over 25 years.

Do you scan documents?
We do not key from Image we key from paper.

Do you send data off shore?
We never send work off shore, or to any third party, we do all work ourselves.